About Us

My name is Daniel and I’m the son of a Dutch Chef. I grew up in a large catering company learning about Fine Foods and even finer rich dark coffees and chocolates, specifically Dark Chocolates. Dark Chocolate has more health benefits and I believe more taste benefits as well.

My wife, Gabriele who is of German Heritage was also brought up in a very traditional and similar manner to mine. Our Goal is to provide dark rich full bodied coffee, excellent tasting chocolates for everyone to enjoy. 

We searched for a Dutch or German chocolatier to provide us rich dark chocolates with our high and exacting standards. We are proud to provide these products for our customers.

We believe you will Taste the Difference !!! 

“Get The Lion’s Share”

☕ Trust ☕
We treat you like family.
☕ Quality ☕
We pride ourselves in high-quality work.
We’ve got you covered.